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“You are your home.” Halfway through my eighth grade year I was at the peak of my distance running career, leading my middle school cross country team and placing first overall in some meets. That’s when the hip pain started and my life changed forever. I discovered that I had a genetic hip disorder that was preventing me from running and even walking at times when the pain became too unbearable. Fast forward two years – years filled with doctors appointments, cortisone shots, two hip surgeries, crutches, and months of post-op therapy – to today. I am now a mid distance runner and a pole vaulter for my high school track team. I sat on the sidelines for those two years of my life, waiting patiently and managing my two favorite sports (track and soccer) while I worked hard to get better. It was a long journey, but I am grateful to be healthy once again and to continue doing what I love. I am on the journey to be the best pole vaulter and runner I can be, and this obstacle on my path has only allowed me to become a stronger athlete than I ever thought possible. I’m glad to be back on my feet and back on track, and I hope to keep flying high and working hard every day. “