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Jerry’s ultimate goal of ensuring exercise and therapy compliance for those with CF, as well as sharing messages to inspire anyone, no matter their challenges, led him to launch more programs at BEF. His portfolio includes Wind Sprints/CF Podcast a series of brief videos offering tips on exercise, nutrition, traveling and therapies; You Cannot Fail; TRU Heroes CF Nursing Program; Living by Example Mentorship Program; and Big Air Jerry Comic book/Video Series.

In between his full schedule of many post-transplant doctor appointments and coaching high school pole vaulters, Jerry is an author of multiple books for all ages, the subject of an award-winning documentary, a motivational speaker, and within year one post-transplant, he founded Bike 2 Breathe. Each year he rides 500 miles with his friend and fellow CFer, Emily Schaller, and they’ve covered ground in the United States, Canada and Europe. This year he has made a commitment to “The Century Rides” where he will ride one hundred miles in each of the fifty states by 2020. He is embarking on this to honor his donor and his family, and to empower the CF community to exercise for life.

In addition to this, Jerry will be launching Jerry Unmasked, a very raw and intimate look at the concerns, fears and challenges for those with CF. Those who have been following Jerry will hear first rime revelations, as well as those from other in the CF community.

For more in-depth information on Jerry and his programs, please contact Chris McEwan at

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