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Jerry Cahill is a CF patient in his 60s. He has a wealth of experience in fighting the disease. As the CF community secret super hero, Big Air Jerry, he fights to raise awareness and inspire others in their battle with CF and other challenges.

Big Air Jerry is on a mission to use his knowledge and powers to inspire cystic fibrosis patients and other to overcome their personal challenges.

Check out the episodes here:
Episode 1:  Big Air Jerry Exercises with Cystic Fibrosis
Episode 2:  Big Air Jerry Does his Daily Cystic Fibrosis Treatments
Episode 3:  Big Air Jerry and Teamwork
Episode 4:  Big Air Jerry Stays Hydrated
Episode 5:  Big Air Jerry Learns to Stay Positive
Episode 6:  Compliance – Organize Your Pills
Episode 7:  Nutrition and Snacks
Episode 8:  Compliance – Nebulizer Medications
Episode 9:  Traveling with CF
Episode 10:  Mental Health (There’s A Lot of Us)