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Every life has a story

“You Cannot Fail” is a motivational launch pad empowering people to discover and embrace their own heroism in order to meet life’s challenges no matter what obstacles they are facing in life

My life story has been fraught with a series of battles and victories. It has been a journey based on the belief that “you cannot fail,” a sort of mantra instilled in me by my parents from a very young age. To this day, I hear their encouraging voices each morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep.

An obstacle can be a catalyst to live life fully. For me, cystic fibrosis has been that – a ‘marching order’ for the purposeful way I lead my life. I struggle to stay medically compliant and to exercise to remain healthy. Exhaustion, challenges and fears have all visited me. But the one constant is my drive and the need to succeed. I always remember my parent’s mantra – You Cannot Fail.

Heroes are everyday people who thrive when faced with adversity. They fight with conviction and strength. The purpose of this site and the book You Cannot Fail is to share inspirational stories of people living relatively normal lives in a heroic manner. Yours is a story I want to hear and share with others.

So tell me… what is YOUR story? Share your inspirational stories here.

Quarantine Life

Quarantine. Social distancing. Isolation. These words are very familiar to those of us living with chronic illnesses.  I am 63-years-old, eight years

Lauren P.

“You are your home.” Halfway through my eighth grade year I was at the peak of my distance running career, leading my middle school cross country team and placing first overall in some meets. That’s when the hip pain started and my life changed forever. I discovered that I had a genetic hip disorder that was preventing me from running and even walking at times when the pain became too unbearable. Fast forward two years – years filled with doctors appointments, cortisone shots, two hip surgeries, crutches, and months of post-op therapy – to today. I am now a mid distance runner and a pole vaulter for my high school track team. I sat on the sidelines for those two years of my life, waiting patiently and managing my two favorite sports (track and soccer) while I worked hard to get better. It was a long journey, but I am grateful to be healthy once again and to continue doing what I love. I am on the journey to be the best pole vaulter and runner I can be, and this obstacle on my path has only allowed me to become a stronger athlete than I ever thought possible. I’m glad to be back on my feet and back on track, and I hope to keep flying high and working hard every day. “

Desmond H.

Sports do not build character. They reveal it. – Heywood Broun I have always believed that the more work you put into something the better the results will be. Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I played baseball and lacrosse growing up. Unfortunately, I had to have two reconstructive knee surgeries and am no longer able to play either baseball or lacrosse. With that said, I try and find other ways to be involved and I coach a little league baseball team. I will do anything to stay involved in the world of sports. No matter what obstacles you face, you can still find a way to be apart of what you love.


I was never athletically gifted – so I had to work hard for every ability I have today. I started pole vault my freshman year, and eventually had a personal best of 8 feet. As my freshman year came to an end, I asked myself, “Do you want to be average, or do you want to push yourself to your potential and be great?” Then it truly began. I went to camps every week in the summer and fall – and then cleared ten feet my sophomore year. I continued to go to camps and threw myself into practice. In my junior year, after a lot of hard work, I cleared 11 feet 6 inches and was conference champion. Now, looking forward to my senior year, I want to be even better. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” “You can do greater things than you can imagine – you just have to find something you are passionate about, give it your all, and don’t let off the gas.”