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I believe in my disability. My disability is not a chromosomal defect or a learning curve. My disability is not one that renders me immobile and in need of a wheelchair. My disability is breath taking. Everyday my lungs fill with air but with half the amount of air everyone else’s lungs do. Do you remember as a kid when you used to try and breathe through your straw? Do you remember how difficult it was to feel satisfied after that breathe? Do you remember feeling like you needed more air and perhaps after a few breathes you had to stop and gasp for air. I know that feeling all too well as that is what it is like for me to breathe each and every day. As a person with no mobility in their lower half needs a wheelchair, I need nebulizers chest physical therapy and lots of medication. To be quite honest, this has been a part of my everyday life since I was two days old… I don’t know anything other than a Cystic Fibrosis ridden life. Living this life has made me see that these short 37 expected years of my life can never be taken for granted. CF has taught me to be strong and take on each and every day with my best and strongest foot forward. Having this disability has taught me that giving up and being weak is not an option. Because of CF and all of the medicines and appointments that come along with it, I was forced to grow up and be responsible from a young age. I believe in my disability because without my disability I wouldn’t be the grateful, strong, responsible fighter I am today.

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