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Kristy Denninger Enjoying Life at age 28 with Cystic Fibrosis

Jerry Cahill Interviews Kristy Denninger

Kristy Denninger is 28 years old and has a phenomenal support team of family, boyfriend, and friends.

  • Kristy was diagnosed with CF at 3 months do to “failure to thrive?.
  • Kristy at age 14 also diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • Degree in Social Work from St. Thomas College in New York.
  • Kristy enjoys: “Family, Friends, and Vacationing?
  • “Relaxing on the Beach is great for my Spiritual and Physical Health?.
  • Kristy raised over $10,000 this year for CFF “Great Strides?.
  • Kristy states: “Exercising on the treadmill for 20 minutes per day helps keep me healthy?.
  • Kristy believes in “staying positive? and is empowered by the online Cystic-L Support Group.

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