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For people with cystic fibrosis, getting “back” into shape is a common occurrence. Because of the nature of the disease, patients often experience set backs in both their health and fitness routines. But, exercise is an important and essential part of remaining compliant with treatments and medications in order to live a longer, healthier life with CF.

In the following video series, Jerry Cahill, a 60+ year old double lung transplant recipient and CF survivor, walks through a circuit training series he built with his trainer to help him get back into shape after set backs.

Remember – every cystic fibrosis patient is different! So, you may need to consult a trainer and/or your doctor to discuss the length of your workout, how much rest you need, and the best way to remain hydrated.

In the fourth circuit, Jerry and his trainer concentrate of endurance by using an indoor spin bike. This particular type of workout allows him to work on his cardio while adding in some upper and lower body strength training.

This video wind sprint was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Allergan to the Boomer Esiason Foundation.

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