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Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 236: Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult CF Care from a Parent’s Perspective

In Jerry Cahill’s latest Cystic Fibrosis Podcast, Eileen Charles discusses the ups-and-downs of helping your child transition from pediatrics to adult CF care. Eileen’s daughter, Clara, ended up making the move at eighteen-years-old because her doctor retired. Eileen says the key is to keep open lines of communication while learning how to step back as a parent… It can be scary! But in the end, she sees her daughter transitioning to an adult care team as ‘moving up’ – it means that her child is learning, growing, and taking the next step in life.

Eileen’s biggest piece of advice – trust that your child, who is now an adult, can communicate with his or her care team clearly to manage anything that comes up!

This podcast has been made possible with financial support from Mylan.

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