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Tim Wotton – Show Notes

CF Podcast 145: Being a Father with CF

Tim Wotton

Meet Tim Wotton, 44 years old, with CF. Tim is from London, U.K. He was an international junior field hockey player, works full time as a business consultant, and continues to play hockey and visit the gym regularly.

Tim is a loving husband, father, and has two brothers, one of which is a twin. Tim is loving life with his family and proving everyday that he is OWNING IT!

  • Tim discusses CF and starting a family through in vitro fertilization.

  • It took Tim and his wife 6 IVF cycles to have their son Felix.

  • Tim’s son’s name Felix is Latin for lucky and Greek for happy.

  • Tim see’s all of his “tomorrows” in Felix

  • Tim has his own blog and book titled ‘How Have I Cheated Death?”

  • Tim’s Quote: “Everyone needs to row their own boat, with CF”

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