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No matter who you are, your life is full of options. Remember that. It’s crucial, for without options, we lose hope.

I talk a lot in my podcasts, blogs, and social media posts about running and cycling. But, maybe you don’t like to run, or, maybe, you’re like me and artificial knees prevent you from running.  Neither of those mean you can’t exercise, though. You have options. You can walk, you can swim, you can jump on a trampoline. Though it’s not exactly considered exercise, you’d be surprised at the workout you get from singing, when you do it correctly and breathe from the diaphragm. You’ll find yourself hacking up a lung after a few measures! Or think about marching band and the workout you get from marching on the field, especially if you play a wind instrument. All I can say is, “you’d better have a water bottle handy.” In those uniforms, those people sweat!

You also have options regarding your CF care. Perhaps, a percussor is effective for you, or, maybe, you prefer the Vest. Maybe you’ve become allergic or resistant to most of the antibiotics available for the bugs you have. Thank goodness, companies, like Vertex, are working to make new drugs available. In the meantime, you still have options. Talk to your doctor about ways to suppress the allergic response, so you can use the drugs you need. Ask your physician if you can lay off one or two of your “go-to” antibiotics for a while, so that you may be less resistant when you really need those drugs.

All of us have limits in our lives – things that are just not within the realm of possibilities. Maybe you wanted to be a concert pianist, but you’re all thumbs. You have to think of other options. There is something out there you can do that you love, that you’re passionate about, that brings you pleasure, and contributes to society.

The bottom line is: we have limits and we have options. The key is focusing on the options, not the limits.

“Until you believe you have options, you’ll continue to feel stuck.” Sean Stephenson

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