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Dealing with an injury or illness where you are somewhat tied down and forced to rest gives you a lot of time to  THINK . . . THINK . . . and then THINK some more . . .


Sometimes, I feel like a Jack-in-the-Box toy. You know, you’re going along fine, health is good, training is going well and the jack in the box toy keeps getting wound up and then “Jack” pops out of the box smiling and ready for more stuff. After a while of popping out of the box, you’re exhausted, knocked down but still bouncing right back up. (See my last blog post HERE). Well now that I am recovering from knee replacement, and putting it all in perspective, I sometimes don’t feel like bouncing back and smiling and need to just take time for ME!


Here I am at 61, with CF, six years post-transplant, recovering from my second knee replacement. I’ve been knocked down plenty and I’ve always rebounded by working my butt off. That’s just who I am. Nothing has come easily to me, though it may seem so to some. I work for every breath. And – it’s daunting . . . and lonely.


It’s daunting, because recovery is a hard, slow process. My physical therapist has me performing these little tasks with my leg, and I think I should be doing so much more. I’d forgotten what a long process this is. It’s tough, but I’m pushing through the pain and the weakness.


It gets frustrating and lonely, because I’m stuck here in my apartment. So the thing is NOBODY can do this with me or for me. This is a solitary process and with that said I still gotta keep up with all my other stuff live my lung health, coaching, volunteer work and to be honest I am getting tired of popping out of the box


But being frustrated and lonely is not my nature but it feels good to just acknowledge my thoughts and move on.


I’m determined. I’ll work through the pain, the weakness, and the loneliness to get back what I’ve lost. Eventually, I’ll be stronger and smarter than before, because the pain from my knee will be relieved. I’m working toward my goal like an Olympian – faster, higher, stronger.


*Exercise of the week – Continue to work towards which ever goal you set last week.  The second week is just as important!


*Quote of the week – “If you’ve ever fallen down and lost your spark, get back up as the whole damn fire.” – Anonymous


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