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Seven Years Post-Transplant

Seven Years Post-Transplant Seven years ago, on April 18, I received a new set of lungs from my donor, Chris. He gave me a new lease on life that I can never hope to repay.…

April 18, 2019

7 Year Post Transplant Plunge

This year to honor my lung transplant donor, Chris, I decided to do something spontaneous and fun. April 18th marked the 7 anniversary of my double lung transplant and to express my gratitude and zest…

April 18, 2019

Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 205: CrossFit and CF

In the latest CF podcast, Jerry chatted with 21-year-old Brennan Hatfield about his love of and dedication to CrossFit. Growing up with two brothers who also have CF, Brennan is extremely familiar with treatments and…

February 19, 2019