54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis
“Jump Drive? for Better Health Care

“Jump Drive? for Better Health Care
Jerry Cahill interviews Dr. Jamie Wells on putting medical information on a “jump drive?

  • "Jump Drive?: also know as a USB drive or flash drive is a “plug-and-play? portable storage device that is lightweight enough to attach to a key chain that cost under $20.
  • Dr. Wells states: “jump drives empowers us in our health care and enables patients to be their own advocates
  • Medical information & records can be stored on a “jump drive? and this is extremely important to someone with a chronic disease or medical condition for doctor visits and emergency room visits.
  • “Jump Drives? contain such information as emergency contacts, physicians contacts, past medical history, allergies/adverse effects, current medications, and laboratory test information.
  • The BOOMER ESIASON FOUNDATION  will be putting a “Jump Drive? Medical Template up on their site (www.esiason.org) and offering the drives to individuals with CF with proper documentation.
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